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Zoic FX on Ben 10: Alien Swarm

By 2009/12/04December 27th, 2018Ben 10: Alien Swarm
special effects shot in the warehouse on the set of Ben 10

Frost effects in the warehouse. All of the frost and ice are VFX.

FX industry blog Kunochan on Zoic’s contribution to the special effects in Ben 10: Alien Swarm:

“Orloff collaborated with Winter and Jacobs to turn the Big Chill from the cartoon, an Necrofriggian from the planet Kylmyys, into a 3D, realistic breathing character. Working with a model created by Hollywood, California’s Super 78 Studios, Orloff developed character and motion & flying studies for Big Chill before the filmmakers ever hit the soundstage.

‘It was very important to Alex [Winter] that we stay true to the original series, and give it a little something extra for the live action series that’s a real surprise for the viewers, to see their beloved cartoon characters finally brought to life,’ Orloff says.”

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