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FX Guide on the making of Ben 10

By 2009/12/17December 27th, 2018Ben 10: Alien Swarm

Ben 10: Alien Swarm Review:

“Ben 10: Alien Swarm is the second live-action film from Cartoon Network based on their popular animated series Ben 10. The film is directed and executive-produced by Alex Winter, who also directed Cartoon Network’s first Ben 10 live-action movie. We take a look behind the scenes at what it took to pull off 600 vfx shots, nearly triple the number of the first film.

‘The original Ben 10 series was really geared towards younger kids & our first live-action film, Ben 10: Race Against Time, reflected that sensibility,’ recalls director Alex Winter. Ben 10: Race Against Time, which scored over 13 million viewers during its Thanksgiving weekend premiere in 2007. ‘The new animated series, Ben 10: Alien Force, is aimed at an older audience. So we really wanted to bring a more grounded reality to this film. There’s also a lot more action and thus, more visual effects.’

Leading the charge was the project’s overall Visual Effects Supervisor, Evan Jacobs, who also served as VFX supervisor on Ben10: Race Against Time. ‘This time around we had many, many more shots and a great deal more complexity as well,’ Jacobs said.”

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