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The Gate (3D) poster detail.

Kerric MacDonald wrote a spectacular screenplay for The Gate (3D), which I was excited to start filming for H20 Motion Pictures. Like many films however, it is now spinning about in development circles, so… check back here to see if we ever get to shock the horror world with it.

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Alex Winter interview: Blood Sprayer Radio, 2010-10-23

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The Blood Sprayer Alex Winter interview It's a very special Halloween episode of Blood Sprayer Radio! Join your hosts Jeff Konopka and Kristy Jett as they talk with Director Alex Winter about his upcoming remake of THE GATE remake in 3D! Don't miss it! Date / Time: 10/23/2010 8:00 PM EST Call-in Number: (619) 789-6842* *Update: interview is now live: Episode 3: Halloween interview with Alex Winter
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I’ll be talking on a panel at the LA 3D Film Festival

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Join me and a bunch of cool folks for a chat on 2D to 3D conversion. Friday Oct 1st, 2010 at the LA 3D Film Festival. 3D Film Fest info here

A case for 3D

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I've been working on FX prep for The Gate for the last year and change, and meeting most of the key players in the 3D field, running tests and doing a lot of R&D. It's taught me a lot about 3D. There are many theories and proclamations out there about the technology that just feel wrong. Of course it's all fairly subjective, but here's my take on three of the most popular edicts on 3D: 1. The 'Dictatorship of 3D'. There is no 'dictatorship of 3D' as Bertrand Tavernier has claimed. Nor will Roger Ebert see his fear realized of a modern day David Lean (if only he existed, really...) having a modern day Lawrence of Arabia hitting the screens in 3D. 3D won't take over adult cinema, just as the advent of TV didn't kill the movies. It's just…
Alex Winter's The Gate 3D movie poster ...pray it's not too late

Nice, big and clean teaser poster for The Gate

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This is what we're working with in the early stages. Yes, it's a redrawing of the art from the original movie, pushed out for 3D. Nonetheless, it gets me pretty stoked up when I look at it....


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