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Downloaded is the Napster documentary by Alex Winter. It explores the downloading revolution: the kids who created it, the bands and the businesses transformed by it, and its impact on the world.

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Downloaded interview for Tribeca Shortlist

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Tribeca Shortlist caught up with me for an interview when they streamed Downloaded all through March '17.  Was fun to revisit this doc!

Honored to receive the Guggenheim Award

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Had a great time showing several of my films at the wonderful St. Louis International Film Festival, and picking up this award. Previous winners of the Charles Guggenheim Cinema St. Louis Award – which honors St. Louisans making significant contributions to the art of film – include Bob Gale, George Hickenlooper, Ken Kwapis, Cedric the Entertainer, James Gunn, Jenna Fischer, the Charles Guggenheim family, Jeremy Lasky, Michael Beugg, Beau Willimon, AJ Schnack, and Timothy J. Sexton.

Downloaded is in the top 10 of new releases on Netflix!

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We've been up for over a week and holding strong. Thanks to all of you for keeping us high up the list! And if you haven't seen it yet, catch it at Netflix!
Alex Winter throwing popcorn in a theater

The Revolution Will Be Digitized: Westchester Mag

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“Downloaded winds back the clock even further, to when, depending upon your age at the turn of the century, you were either psyched about your burgeoning collection of free mp3s or indignant about the alleged injustice and thievery it perpetrated on your favorite artists. Regardless of your opinion, Napster was a milestone of the digital revolution. The 60-million-member music-swapping service left in its wake the digital world we know today, a frontier still far from any sort of consensus regarding its governance.” Read the whole article here


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