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Big thnx to the guys @SmodCastle. Had a blast.

By 2010/10/02December 27th, 2018interviews
Alex Winter in conversation with Smodcast

Great night yakking with Matt Cohen and Brendan Creecy of Bagged and Boarded. Good to see the venerable Kevin Smith and Scott Moser again.┬áThe Smodcastle itself is really pretty amazing. Smith and the guys bought a space in Hollywood’s theater row, renovated it and turned it into a slick man-cave with a great vibe. Doing a podcast before a live audience is absolutely the way to fly. Was like being on a f*cked up Prairie Home Companion, with Smith presiding like a po-mo G. Keillor. His double-act with Moser is even funnier live. T’was an enriching night at the the-ater…

Talking to the guys about going back to host a night of screenings; Idiot Box and Freaked. So watch this space…

Now head over to the Bagged and Boarded podcast and listen to us being schmucks.

And also check out Smith and Moser’s podcast (like they need my help adding to their trillions of listeners)

Photo courtesy of the very cool Derick Armijo


  • David Pfister-Senz says:

    Thanks for this Alex!

    Greetings from Germany

  • Ryan says:

    That was really fun… nice to hear some stories about your best role ever- Hermosa, the Latin Street PImp!

  • Werner says:

    You’ve been great on the podcast. Glad to hear you might do more. Love your work.

    cheers from Switzerland