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Here’s the official Freaked Soundtrack…kinda sorta

By 2011/07/23December 27th, 2018Freaked
Freaked Soundtrack back cover

Lots of folks ask me for the complete soundtrack. Good pal Ryan hunted it down (bootleg it appears so hopefully the RIAA won’t come busting down the door). Includes full score and Blind Idiot God/Rollins and P-Funk tracks.

Download it here: Freaked soundtrack (unreleased)

Freaked Soundtrack front cover


  • Linda Kay says:

    Freakin’ awesome!! Thanks, Alex!!!!!

  • Michele C, says:

    Wow! thanks for the download link~ that is awesome!

  • Ken A. says:

    Look carefully… it say’s “Mt. T” is in it. You cast a mountain in your movie? Ambitious!

  • Andrew F Moncrieff says:

    Thanks so much! Been jonesin’ for this for years! x

  • jai says:

    very cool! thanks, Alex!!

  • Ethan Jurman says:

    Any place I can get the song Freekz! (That’s What They Call Us!) by Tim Burns?
    I love that song, however can’t find it anywhere. 🙁