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Download our original screenplay for Freaked

By 2010/11/27December 27th, 2018Freaked

Here’s one of the latter studio drafts we did for Freaked. Funny to see what changed, what stayed, and how our original R rated tone differed from the final product. I’m still hunting for the early draft Tom and I wrote with Gibby Haynes from the Butthole Surfers. That was a whole different animal altogether…

Freaked Screenplay

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  • Roxy says:

    Oh man, I can only imagine what Freaked would have been like with Gibby Haynes involved… if Entering Texas is any indication it would have been bizarre and chaotic… and fun! After multiple viewings of Entering Texas in preparation for the ISMFF I have to say it actually got more interesting and entertaining the more I watched it! Thanks for sharing the script, Alex!