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Rare pics from Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey

By 2010/09/04December 27th, 2018Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey

Bill & Ted’s outtakes!

Got tweeted an outtake shot from Bill & Ted 2. Have never seen it. This lead me to an alternate source which has even more: check them out and more at Film Connoisseur

These shots below are from the end sequence that was omitted and replaced with the finale rock concert. This deleted scene came up a lot in the recent Q&A @newbeverly. It was pretty damn cool, and very dark and surreal. Involving a chase scene between the good bnt’s and all our fears from hell. we had to make peace with them in order to vanquish them.


  • Roxy says:

    Amazing! I would love to the that alternate ending edited and added to a DVD release as a special feature! It looks completely ridiculous which is awesome 🙂

    • alex says:

      Me too 🙂 it was great. I just can’t recall now if we even completed the sequence. Need to ask Hewitt.

  • Kasch says:

    All that footage still exists, right? Someone has to dig that stuff up!

  • Linda Kay says:

    Cool write up! Too bad they didn’t credit the source of the photos, which was the B&T website.

    But thank you, Alex, for giving us a link on your page! Most excellent!! : )

  • I was lucky enough to be on the ‘Battle of the Bands’ reshoots Alex, one of My favorite memories or all time, EXCELLENT ADVENTURE still ranks as one of My all time favorite films I can watch over and over. I hope You make another to complete a trilogy, maybe a name like B&T’s “HEINOUS TREK”? 😉

  • David Pfister-Senz says:

    WTF… i almost sh*t brix when i saw that bunny oO