Winter is currently working on the first all-access documentary about Frank Zappa. The project is in two parts; the first was an archival mission, funded by a record-breaking Kickstarter campaign to preserve the endangered material in Zappa’s vault. The second part is the documentary feature film, now in progress and aiming for release in early 2020. We will post news here as we have it!

Zappa Announcements

Here’s the festival poster for Zappa

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This will be for film festivals only. We'll have an official movie poster when we go out on wide release.

Zappa to world premiere at SXSW!

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At long last the movie is done and will premiere at the great SXSW festival in Austin, Texas in March! We've premiered two movies there (Downloanded & Deep Web) and are beyond thrilled to return with Zappa! Thanks to Rolling Stone for the great piece!

It’s official, the Zappa movie is a go!

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Nice little piece to announce the Zappa documentary. We have in fact launched that project! It's going to take some time so check back for news as we go.

Nice piece on the Zappa project on NPR

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Enjoyed this interview with Steven Cuevas for the California Report!



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