Very grateful to tell the story of the Panama Papers leak. I made this in collaboration with the amazing Laura Poitras and Charlotte Cook and their organization Field of Vision, for whom I made two short films in 2016. As well as my long term producing partners Glen Zipper and Devorah Devries, and in partnership with Bob Friedman and his Bungalow Media and the good folks at Great Point Media, who are also with us on Zappa.

This was a challenging project that took us around the world, and had to be kept entirely secret, which isn’t easy for a global documentary with many moving parts. And couldn’t have been done without the invaluable cooperation and openness of the many great journalists from Süddeutsche Zeitung, McClatchy, ICIJ, The Guardian, La Prensa and many others. Excited to be getting it out there.

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Panama Papers Announcements

Panama Papers doc at Double Exposure Film Festival!

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Our films joins a very impressive line-up of documentaries at Double Exposure Investigative Film Festival in DC. It's a huge honor for us to be part of their program.

Panama Papers to world premiere at Hamptons Film Festival!

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We're thrilled to announce that our film will premiere at HIFF in early October. It's a great festival and this year boasts an impressive list of films. We're honored to be one of them!

Panama Papers documentary announced!

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We've been working on this film in secret for some time, and it's great to finally share it with everyone! More news coming very soon about festivals and release. Check back here.



The Panama Papers

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Alex Winter Downloaded (trailer)



Alex Winter Freaked (trailer)


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