Showbiz Kids is an HBO feature documentary that takes an intimate, no holds barred look at the dizzying highs and life-threatening lows of working kids in the entertainment industry; from the golden age of Hollywood to the present day. Directed by Alex Winter and produced by Winter, Glen Zipper and Bill Simmons.

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Jeff Tweedy & sons score Showbiz Kids

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We're thrilled to announce that Jeff Tweedy and his sons Spencer and Sam have completed an original score for our documentary ShowBiz Kids, coming Summer of 2020 on HBO!

Showbiz Kids doc is in the works…

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We're very excited to announce production on our latest documentary! This has been in the works for many years, and is a very personal story. More news as we get into it!
headshot of young actor Alex Winter

Showbiz Kids Doc is in the works…

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Developing this doc, on children in show business, stemming from my own experiences in that world as a child. Will be directing and producing with Glen Zipper from the Oscar winning Zipper Brothers Films! Super excited!


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