Clip from the film Freaked, 2:27. Ricky Coogan—self-absorbed star of tv and film—is doggedly pursued by his #1 fan. Even on a plane.

Alex and Tom’s feature directing debut, written and directed by Alex Winter and Tom Stern with Idiot Box writer Tim Burns. We made Freaked for 20th Century Fox with a budget of 11 million dollars. A ton of dough for two 25-year-old knuckleheads who had never shot 35mm!

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Fangoria magazine cover featuring Milla Jovovich's Resident Evil and Alex Winter's Freaked

big article on Freaked in new issue of @fangoria

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pick up your very own issue here...
Freaked Tattoo nobody move nobody gets hurt eyeball

Is this just going too far???

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real tattoos on the body parts of Freaked fans @vanlawson & @joshmorden...
Fright Rags Freaked tshirt teaser shot

@frightrags teases new Freaked T-Shirt

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This shirt really rocks. Will post more details when it's available. More here
Alex Winter disguised as a milkman in the film Freaked

Freaked on @TCM a week away…

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Freaked on TCM next week: check 'er out

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