Peugeot ‘Sheik’ commercial, 1:12.

I directed this Peugeot campaign in the middle of the Sahara desert and in the heart of Marrakech, Morocco. Shot by the legendary DP Howard Atherton.

Commercials by Alex Winter

hand and tequila shot

1800 Tequila ‘Whatever Happened To Real Drinks?’

Alex Winter Michael Imperioli 1800 Tequila commercial

1800 Tequila ‘Whatever happened to Commercials?’

Alex Winter Google Net Neutrality Ad

Google ‘Save The Net’

Alex Winter BBC Power To Your Fingers

BBC ‘Fingers’

Alex Winter Peugeot Sheik Wives

Peugeot ‘Sheik’


Zappa documentary by Alex Winter


The Panama Papers

Trust Machine

Relatively Free

Deep Web

Alex Winter Downloaded (trailer)



Alex Winter Freaked (trailer)